My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book is one of the best books I’ve read on the topic of zodiac signs for these reasons:
* lots of information, given in a compact and concise manner
* the description of the star sign I was born under was bang on, This should be an indication that others are just as accurate.
* So much more than just zodiac signs in this book. I love some of the other sections, like the 20 Tibetan Keys to Happiness, crystals and chakras.

This book is well worth reading, jam packed with useful information, detailed enough to be valuable and practical, but short enough to be enjoyable to read and easy to absorb. I bookmarked and highlighted a ton Of pages, and I always find the total number of those are directly related to the value I get from the book..

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750cc Down Lincoln Highway by Barroux

750cc Down Lincoln Highway

750cc Down Lincoln Highway by Barroux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first, I was confused. This book seemed scattered, abrupt, and non-cohesive.
I decided to keep reading, and am glad I did, because about halfway through I finally got it. The book starts with the author getting dumped by his gf, without understanding the reason. The pictures and text reflect his mood, thoughts and feelings. Starting off on his bike trip, he is confused, hurt, and a bit lost, trying to make sense of getting dumped.
As the trip goes on, he starts to turn his attention outwards, starts noticing scenery, people and sights. At this point, the text gets more descriptive and detailed, reflecting the author processing the end of his relationship and making peace with it.

This book is brilliant. In less than 90 pages it says more than many 400+ paged novels. I felt the authors emotions leap from the pages.
Such a short and deceptively simple work, yet so deep and rich. I’m very glad I was given the opportunity to read and review a free copy provided to me through NetGalley.

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City Spies by James Ponti

City Spies

City Spies by James Ponti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Soooooooooo good.
Just finished reading and wish I had about a dozen sequels lined up to devour.
This book grabbed me from the first page and took me for a wild ride. It’s the kind of book where writing, plot, characters, setting, everything really, works together so perfectly that the words I read convert to a movie in my head.
This is a pure joy to read at any age, and I’ll be looking for more books by this author.

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Eye For Eye by J.K. Franko

I read all night, nodding off once in a while in the early morning hours, and woke within a few minutes still clutching the book. 
I’m completely speechless. This book is unlike any I have ever read. It gripped me from the first page, and would not let go. In fact, still won’t let go. I am compelled to read book 2 in the trilogy immediately. Even writing this review feels like it’s taking too long and keeping me from starting the next book. I can’t imagine how this story continues, but I’m sure there will be more jaw dropping moments. How often do you have an out loud reaction to a book you’re reading? 
I don’t often have that happen, but this had me startle at my own voice saying: ‘OMG’, ‘Are you (bleep) kidding me?’, or gasp.
I’m completely speechless, and can’t put into words what this book does, but I can tell you it brought the strongest reaction to any book I’ve read in years. 
It’s a one of a kind author, an incredibly well written book, a very intelligent story, easy to read and spellbinding. I give this 10 out of 5 stars.
Now please excuse me while I download ‘Tooth For Tooth’, the second book in the series.

Cryptocurrency by Kate Conley

5 stars

This book is geared towards younger readers, but I recommend it for people of any age, who want a short rand easy to understand primer on cryptocurrency. 
It does not go into great depth. Instead, it gives an overview of the history of cryptocurrency, current uses, future potential, and even highlights some pitfalls and dangers associated with storing, using and securing your cryptocurrency.
This book is well worth the purchase if you are looking for a short and easy to understand explanation, but still gives you enough info to get a complete picture.
I received a copy through NetGalley and this review is my own opinion, voluntarily posted.

Home Story: The German Approach to Interior Design by Tina Schneider-Rading

Fantastic pics and interesting text. The right balance of text to pics, enough text to make it interesting to read, learn some new information, but short enough that it kept my focus.
Overall a very well executed, and beautiful book.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free eBook. This is a voluntary and honest review

Meditative Origami: Finding Mindfulness Through Coloring and Origami by John Montroll a

I give this book 3 stars. An average rating for an average book. 
Half the book is origami, half is colouring. I found it odd that the title doesn’t indicate that, but it is mentioned in the subtitle.
I was just disappointed overall. The book feels drab and lifeless. I have never done any origami and was excited to try, but I was not inspired by this book. There isn’t anything outright wrong with it. The origami portion gives a legend for the meaning of the different symbols used. Each item is given one page with step by step diagrams of the way to fold paper to make that item. These pages are just diagrams with lines or arrows corresponding to the legend at the start of the book. While this is functional, it makes pages look boring, drab, lifeless. 
It’s about as fun and exciting as looking at blueprints. I wish there was a little more text along with each item. A short description, maybe some fun facts or historical info about the meaning or origin of each item. Maybe some suggestions for variations or what to use them for, or a couple pics of different sizes or colours. Something I would look at and think ‘oh wow, I want to try that right now. I could do xyz with it.’ Something to inspire and excite me to try them.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free eBook for an honest and voluntary review.

The True Story of Zippy Chippy: the Little Horse that Couldn’t By Artie Bennett


I love this book. It’s probably the only book that made me smile and feel all lovey inside for the whole time reading it.
Ok, so it’s not a very long book, but those were 4 really special minutes. I love that it’s a true story, a real life-is-stranger-than-fiction story. I could see myself reading this over and over to kids (if I had any), or setting it on the coffee table and smile every time I look at it.
Zippy Chippy embodies being true to yourself, walking your own path, and having the confidence to ignore all opinions about you by others. I ask myself: “It worked out well for Zippy, so why wouldn’t it for me? Just gotta ride it out and get the last laugh in the end.”
And there’s that smile and lovey, happy feeling inside me again.

Thank you, NetGalley and Publisher, for giving me this free advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. You gave me a digital text file, and I received a wonderful and valuable soul gift.


Unverified by Kristin Giese

Unverified: A Novel

Finished reading about 5 minutes ago, and still still basking in the warm fuzzy feeling this book left in me. I’d say this is the best book I’ve read this year, maybe even in two years.
It kept me up all night. Not because the suspense was killing me, and i just had to know what happens, but simply because I enjoyed reading this book so much, I didn’t want to put it down and i didn’t want it to end.
I’m so hoping there will be a sequel. The last couple of pages made me think that maybe there was, or that definitely there should be one.
What else do I need to say? I highly recommend this book. The story is great, the characters are indescribable, the writing is flawless, the love story is just perfect, and the wit and sense of humour of the author put this at 6 stars out of 5 for me.