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I just finished reading Blue Gold, and it’s the first time since becoming a book reviewer that a book has left me speechless and made a deep and lasting impression on me.

The book is very well written, and explores the different lives of 3 girls: Fiona in Canada, living some high school drama and cyber bullying, Laiping in China, working (being exploited) in an electronics manufacturing factory, and Sylvie, living in the middle of the war torn DRC, directly affected by rape, murder and corruption.

The writing is so vivid that you can picture what each of these girls faces on a daily basis. It’s shocking, eye-opening and deeply disturbing. Even though this book is fictional, everything could, and does, happen every day.

I found the afterword very important, and am glad the author added it.

The first thing I did after reading the last page was to download the buycott.com app, and then write this review.