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This book is wonderful. It is the best detox or cleanse book I’ve seen so far.

It’s easy to read and understand. Each chapter focuses on one kind of weekend cleanse, depending on your individual needs. And if you’re not sure what type of cleanse is best for you, don’t worry. There’s a chapter that describes cleanses in general, and then offers a quiz to help you determine which organ needs some help. 

The quiz was dead on for me. It pointed me to the top 2 areas that I need to focus on, and I’m doing the first cleanse this weekend. 

There are detailed instructions of what you should eat, or what you should avoid. Great, simple to follow recipes, and a a sample menu plan. But it doesn’t stop there. You also get instruction on acupressure and a couple exercises. One thing I especially like is the journal customized to each detox. This helps with tracking the superfoods for that weekend, exercise and how you feel. 

A well-structured, detailed, all-encompassing ,easy to follow plan. Highly recommended.