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Wow, what a GREAT surprise in my email today:

I have been invited to the Faerie Court by Sourcebooks Fire. I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I am to be approached by a publisher to an exclusive preview for my blog.

“Welcome to the Faerie Court. You are invited to be a member of our exclusive Street Team for The Girl Who Never Was.

Not your average trip to Fairyland, this snarky, fast-paced debut takes you on an enchanted journey you won’t soon forget.”

As a member of the Faerie Court I will receive royal treatment with exclusive access to the Book The Girl Who Never Was,  access to the prequel for me and my followers (!), I will get a special book trailer, excerpts and exclusive guest posts from the author Skylar Dorset.

Seriously, how cool is that? Needless to say, within minutes of receiving the email invite I responded with a resounding YES PLEASE!



The Girl Who Never Was

By Skylar Dorset

Sourcebooks Fire

June 2014 ● ISBN:9781402292538

Trade Paper/$9.99 U.S.● Ages 12+

 “Today is my birthday.”

That’s all Selkie wants to say. It feels like she’s known Ben forever, but he doesn’t even know that today she turns seventeen. Because in Selkie’s family, you don’t celebrate birthdays. You don’t talk about birthdays. And you never, ever reveal your birth date

Until now.

The instant Selkie blurts out the truth to Ben in the middle of Boston Common, her whole world shatters.

Because her life has been nothing but a lie—an elaborate enchantment meant to conceal the truth: Selkie is a half-faerie princess.

And her mother wants her dead.

Skylar DorsetThe Girl Who Never Was is Skylar Dorset’s debut novel. She grew up in Rhode Island but shares her home with lots of Mardi Gras beads from the time she spent living in New Orleans. She holds a BA in English from Boston College and a JD from Harvard Law School, and is now a law school professor. Dorset wrote much of her first book during bouts of being stuck on the subway. Visit www.skylardorset.com