The book synopsis says it all:

“The philosophical roots of much of Wicca and Paganism, as well as Western ceremonial magick, come from ancient Alexandria with the Mysteries of Thoth. Now known as Hermetism or Theurgy, there is a direct line from the past to the present revealing how ascending to the divine is a necessary and often omitted aspect of spirituality and magick.

In this thoroughly researched book, the Grand Master of the Aurum Solis shares the history and evolution of the Theurgic tradition. Included are numerous easy and practical exercises and rituals as part of a seven-step system to reach the highest levels of consciousness. Also features, for the first time ever, the original and true planetary hours and how to use them, making this a valuable resource for all magicians.”

It’s a very interesting read. It’s obvious that the author is an expert on the subject and has meticulously researched every chapter of the book. I didn’t really know what Theurgy even was, but I’m so glad I read this book.

It’s very well written, so is a valuable resource for newbies and experts alike. Each chapter has exercises that are relevant and easily followed.

Like all Llewellyn books, this is a wonderful resource and a beautiful book.