Let me start off with: Can Chloe please design an outfit for me?

This book is truly unique. Not only an engaging and fun story with a level headed, strong main character, but the illustrations are exquisite. I want to buy a hard copy of this book and use it as a coffee table book. 

Each outfit Chloe and the others design, is illustrated in the book. The sketches are beautifully done, and the clothes are amazing. I would wear almost every single one of them. This makes the book different, and engages you even more into the story. I’m not sure why, because usually I don’t need pictures to immerse myself in a book, but with this one I felt an even deeper connection.

About the text: I loved this book. Chloe is a great role model, and in the book she behaves maturely and with good judgement, but also how a real person her age would act. It’s not preachy or overdone. I liked the adult characters around Chloe, and also her friends. 

a really really good book! Great story but the sketches put it over the top!