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Lexi goes (by choice) to a de-gaying camp. She has a variety of reasons: grief over the death of her father, and not having told him she was gay, her mother’s depression and unwillingness to accept a gay daughter and heartbroken over a first unrequited love.

She hopes to come out the other end straight, so that her mom will accept her and they can be a family again.

There are several other characters with a variety of reasons, from being forced, to going against the parents wishes. Each teen is unique and has a unique story and reason for coming to camp. These characters are really well written.

The camp itself is absolutely horrifying, despicable, disgusting and so fundamentally wrong. In the name of religion and god, these teens are physically beaten, emotionally blackmailed and just generally abused. I hate to think that these things actually go on in anti-gay camps, but I suspect they happen daily, and too many people are subjected to this abomination.

I liked the book for tackling a topic that is not usually written about, and handling it with style, integrity and sensitivity. This should be read by everyone, teen or adult, straight or gay. It’s an important book.