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I am usually a huge fan of YA and Entangled Publishing books, but this one was lukewarm for me.

I wish the real Abi Saunders WOULD stand up. Not sure that I really know who she is after reading. At first she’s shy, tomboyish, smart: a good girl, lacking a bit of confidence, but an excellent friend and very likable.

Then she lands a role doing stunts in a movie and this bratty, whiny, self-involved girl emerges, who can’t be bothered to spend time with her friends anymore, because she is so wrapped up in her new friends and new crushes. Ultimately her rose colored glasses come off and she experiences first hand how shallow, self-serving and mean Hollywood can be, when she finds out she was used and abused.

There’s her “aha” moment and she tries to patch things up with her friends….

The book was ok. A little too predictable and with an unsympathetic main character. I liked how the book flowed and the writing style though, and hope to read more from Sara Hantz.