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Do you want to look like the cover model when you are in your 50s?

I sure do! This book contains the complete plan to accomplish a real age that is close or less than your biological age. I’m 43, and took the online evaluation to see what age my body was. The number was so shocking that I didn’t even do the calculation to come up with my real age.

I haven’t started the program yet, but it’s written in such a way that is easy to understand and seems easy to follow.

Unlike many diet plans, you don’t jump into the deep end and cut out every thing you know is bad for you. You ease into it, and limit or eliminate one thing at a time. This approach is way more sustainable for a sugar addict like me. This plan is not too restrictive either. You can still enjoy fruit and natural sugars. 

Overall it’s a common sense plan. Maybe there’s nothing really brand new in there, we’ve all heard a bunch of times that sugar, food additives, toxins and chemicals aren’t good for us. But instead of preaching and making you feel like a failure, this book is encouraging and helpful.