Another good book. Lately I’ve really lucked out with the books I’m reading. 

This one is full of action, heart-wrenching events, a strong female cowgirl hell bent on revenge for the death of her family.

Grace is determined and nothing can deter her, even to the point where she almost dies because she doesn’t have the best survival skills in an unforgiving environment.

What I likes about this book is the strong female lead, and the subtle way she develops over time. I read this as a coming of age story, because Grace changes in the course of the book. From angry, scared, traumatized and bent on revenge to developing understanding for other people and cultures, learning about survival and herself, and learning to love again.

I greatly enjoyed this book, because all the NA elements where there, but between the lines, not as formulaic or obvious as in most books of this genre.

A smart, well-written read. 5 stars for me.