I liked this book. You just have to read it for what it is: fiction, not biography.

As a member of a sorority, I was excited to read this book. I was expecting a work or fiction, and not expecting a factual portrayal of sorority life. So in that regard, I didn’t have any issues with the plot or the writing.

Yes, there were some unanswered questions, or unusual behavior (i.e. who would NOT call the cops when they find a severed human hand????), but it’s fiction! The characters in the book can act any way the author wants them to, whether that makes sense IRL or not. Hence the classification fiction. So that didn’t bother me much.

Overall I found the plot entertaining. I had to laugh at the stereotypes (mental state of girls measured by their hair), at the somewhat naive behavior, and the angst over boys. I recommend this book and will read the next installment – with pleasure!