Funny, informative, well structured, and makes sense.

This 10 week plan is one that you can actually follow without losing your mind. It’s a baby steps approach to doing all the things we know we should do, but don’t:

cut sugar, stop eating prepackaged foods, eating whole foods, drinking more water, cutting pop and junk, exercising more.

This is the first book I’ve read that breaks it down into weekly baby steps, with achievable goals that you set yourself. Usually you are told what to do or not to do, but Justine lets you pick your top 3 or 5 steps each week, that you think you will be able to achieve.

Very user friendly and makes a ton of sense. I haven’t followed the plan yet, I just read the whole book through, but I’m inspired to actually give this one a go.

10 weeks ain’t so bad, right? I can do anything for a few weeks.