hmmm…seems that I’m the only reviewer who really didn’t like this book. Awkward!

Which is also the only way to describe this book. I had such high hopes for it, but it was a DNF when the constant attempts at sexy or sensual where just plain awkward and cringy. That whole bit about the daughter’s nipples? I can’t even bring myself to say any more about that….

I thought the story was great, and the writing was really good, except when it came to anything to do with romance, mutual attraction or sexual. Any of those parts of the book were just so awkwardly written that reading made me cringe.

The cover is also all wrong. The horse is not a lean and sleek racehorse. The people are not middle aged like the main characters in the book.

So much potential, and with some (a lot) of editing I would read this again and probably enjoy it.