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I’m not sure how to rate this, I think I will need to decide as I write the review. There were things I loved, and then there were things that were so incredibly frustrating.

Most frustrating is the end. I know it’s a series, but OMG….I HAVE to read the next book. I actually read the preview at the end of this book, and I never do that.

The book is pretty long at just over 350 pages, and yet manages to raise a bunch of questions and nothing for answers. Frustrating! The plot kept me turning page after page, wanting, no needing, to know what’s going to happen. Lots happens, but questions aren’t answered. And even though lots happens, there are a lot of repeat conversations (can Jakob please make up his mind if Bianca’s a gold digger or not and stop asking?)

There were so many strange parts in the book, like the world’s worst best friend, and yet I still kept turning page after page in record time.

Final verdict: frustrating, but I read the whole thing and now HAVE to read the next part. So I guess that means I have more of a love than hate relationship with this series.

Warning: Only read it if you are prepared to read the next one too.