One of my favourite books, and one I will read a few more times.

First it struck me that it’s well written, considering neither Ryan not Colin are “writers” as their profession. The book was more of less an afterthought, something that came out of a desire to document their dream adventure.

I liked that each chapter gave both of their points of view, and it was so interesting how differently they described some of the events. And it certainly was an eventful trip. Good grief, what did they NOT encounter? There were mud slides, relentless rain, scorching heat, breakdowns, confrontations with military and police and every kind of landscape/terrain. The way it’s written, I felt like I was right there along with them (minus the physical pain and discomfort). They go through a range of emotions, and their excitement is infectious. The ups and downs are just crazy. They encounter such a diversity of culture and it’s so interesting to follow them on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Colin said that amazing, beautiful and incredible sound so cliche when used all the time, but that he run out of words to describe what he saw. Well, this book, their journey, was all of those. Simply unbelievabley amazing.

This book is riveting. Can’t wait to watch the DVD.