This book took me by surprise, in a good way.

I haven’t seen the movie, but expected a fluffy generic romcom book. Instead I got a very honest, sincere and accurate book.

Yes, there’s sex. But let’s be real: high school kids have sex, whether the parents like it or not. I found the way it’s handled in this book to be very honest and true to life.

Besides that, I found the rest of the book excellent as well. It started off very slow for me, and I was tempted to DNF, but I usually will give a book at least 20%, and I’m glad I did. I could identify so well with Biance, the way she sees herself as the DUFF and the way the definition of that term changes for her throughout the book.

This book far surpassed my expectations, and I look forward to the movie. I hope the movie lives up to the book.