This is the second “Peggy Henderson Adventure” I’ve read, even though it’s book 4 of the series. Each book works as a stand alone.

TBH, I liked the first book I read a lot more. I still love the story of this one, but Peggy is such an ungrateful brat, and that gets annoying.

She was also a giant brat in the first book I read, but towards the end she seemed to be learning a lesson and got so much more tolerable. With this book, she’s back to being so self-centered, ungrateful, obnoxious and rude. I was hoping she would develop into a better person, but I guess not.

I’m torn about recommending this book. I think the story is great and kids will love reading about the adventure. But I really don’t like Peggy and I wouldn’t buy this books for any kids I know, because I don’t want them to get the message that her bahaviour is OK.