I was very drawn to the book because of the title and description, and I liked what I read, but there were some parts I didn’t quite buy into.

For instance, I’m just not sure about the rule of 3s. It may work, but I haven’t tried it and from reading I’m not convinced. But to each their own.

Since Deborah Graham is a psychic, her advice would be very valuable and likely quite accurate in person or even over the phone, but it’s incredibly difficult to replicate that in a book. So the book sticks to general advice, which is often common sense or advice other books give as well.

What sets this book apart is the spiritual cleansing (or Spiritual Enema, as she calls it). I found myself highlighting several passages and taking notes while reading, so I did find quite a bit of value from this book.

I’d recommend this for anyone who enjoys a laugh while reading and has an open mind when it comes to psychics and spiritual advice.