I’m very excited to be part of the Model Undercover Fashion Week Virtual Tour and present a guest post by Carina Axelsson.

I have read 3 of books in this series, and they are fabulous. Carina’s writing is spot on. Axelle is so funny and smart, and through her eyes you see the fashion world taken with a grain of salt. The cases are all unique and have their own twists and turns, which keep the stories exciting and fresh.

In Model Undercover: London, Axelle is on the heels of a killer who put one of her friends into hospital. Exciting, twists and turns to keep you guessing, lots of fabulous fashion and a bunch of laughs. This is a series that will be loved by any age group.


How to be a Model Undercover at Fashion Week

By Carina Axelsson for the The Katsmiao blog

Feb. 07, 2016

I worked as a fashion model for well over a decade, and, although I never walked the runway (too short by the standards of the day!), I did see many fashion shows. I was fortunate to be invited backstage often, too. Then, as I phased out of fashion and into writing, I spent some time working as a personal assistant to British fashion designer John Galliano (he was designing for Christian Dior in Paris at the time). Working for John was the perfect opportunity to learn all about fashion shows from a designer’s point of view. Many of my memories from this time inspire the fashion mysteries I write today.

I continue to go to the fashion shows whenever I can – only now I go for research (seriously, could there be a better excuse to enjoy the buzz of a fashion show?) – and in order to get the most out of the moment, I slide into my “Model Undercover” persona. What do I mean by this?

Well, I need to be able to observe discreetly. It’s vital that I leave a show feeling fired up with ideas that can eventually end up in my books – but without making anyone feel I’ve been spying on them!

So let’s say you’ve been invited to a Paris fashion show – the hottest one of the season. How do you observe the fashionistas without them noticing that you’re staring at them more than the clothes? Luckily, it’s as easy as saying Chanel! Here are my top three Model Undercover tips:

  • Dress discreetly. Nowadays there are hordes of bloggers and paparazzi standing at the entrance to every show venue and they are just waiting to pounce on anyone with an interesting outfit – famous or not. You have to avoid this if you’re going in undercover. Wear black, and nothing outrageous. Look professional – jackets are good, shoulder bags, too. And don’t make eye contact with the photographers as you slip in and out of the venue. Make sure you look like you know exactly where you’re going.
  • Be happy to sit in the back. I love it when friends say, I hope you don’t mind, Carina, but you’re not near the front. Well, guess what? That’s perfect because I’m there to observe – not to be observed. From the back you can watch the front row and runway safe in the knowledge that no one will care who you are or what you are looking at. Perfect!
  • Snap away. I whip out my iPhone the second the first model steps onto the runway and don’t stop snapping till the action is over. What’s great is that anyone would think I’m photographing the clothes…although what I’m actually photographing are the famous faces sitting at the front row! But that’s my little secret. Shhh!

That’s it! So get your lippy on and have a happy Model Undercover Fashion Week!

Carina x

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