This is a new series, and it’s wonderfully funny, oringinaly, whacky and quirky. Great read.

I loved the main character, Melody, but her friends/co-workers. Melody sees dead people, and I love that concept. It makes for great funny moments. Her best friend works with her at the agency, even though she does not see dead people, she has plenty of quirks of her own, which make her such an amazingly whacky sidekick. The trio is rounded out by a somewhat socially awkward son of one of the dead people Melody saw, and she employs him as part of his dad’s last wishes.

Plenty of characters, plenty of funny action, plenty good story. The writing style reminds me of Janet Evanovich, but the plot is completely unique and unlike anything I’ve ever read. Perfect for times when you want to relax into a fun, light and unusual read.