No surprise, I loved this book like I loved all her other books.

Her bio at the end of this books states: ‘Tudor Robins is the author of books that move —she wants to move your heart, mind, and pulse with her writing‘, and she certainly does that.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I won’t get into the storylines. All that really matters, is that Tudor Robins manages to weave several storylines together in a masterful way. The book is beautifully written; it flows, and pushes and pulls the reader’s heart and mind. This book is not full of heart pounding action, nor a rollercoaster of teen angst. No, this book is even better. It’s very subtle and just the right pace. It deals with important topics, but doesn’t clobber you over the head, like some other books do. Tudor Robins trusts in the intelligence and empathy of the reader to understand the topics, and feel struggles and victories of the characters.
That’s what I value in a great story, and that’s what I appreciate about the author, and which makes her one of my favourites.

Final verdict: highly recommended (now I’m clobbering readers in the head with a bat, but I am not a writer)

I was provided with a free copy by the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.