I love this book. It’s probably the only book that made me smile and feel all lovey inside for the whole time reading it.
Ok, so it’s not a very long book, but those were 4 really special minutes. I love that it’s a true story, a real life-is-stranger-than-fiction story. I could see myself reading this over and over to kids (if I had any), or setting it on the coffee table and smile every time I look at it.
Zippy Chippy embodies being true to yourself, walking your own path, and having the confidence to ignore all opinions about you by others. I ask myself: “It worked out well for Zippy, so why wouldn’t it for me? Just gotta ride it out and get the last laugh in the end.”
And there’s that smile and lovey, happy feeling inside me again.

Thank you, NetGalley and Publisher, for giving me this free advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. You gave me a digital text file, and I received a wonderful and valuable soul gift.