I give this book 3 stars. An average rating for an average book. 
Half the book is origami, half is colouring. I found it odd that the title doesn’t indicate that, but it is mentioned in the subtitle.
I was just disappointed overall. The book feels drab and lifeless. I have never done any origami and was excited to try, but I was not inspired by this book. There isn’t anything outright wrong with it. The origami portion gives a legend for the meaning of the different symbols used. Each item is given one page with step by step diagrams of the way to fold paper to make that item. These pages are just diagrams with lines or arrows corresponding to the legend at the start of the book. While this is functional, it makes pages look boring, drab, lifeless. 
It’s about as fun and exciting as looking at blueprints. I wish there was a little more text along with each item. A short description, maybe some fun facts or historical info about the meaning or origin of each item. Maybe some suggestions for variations or what to use them for, or a couple pics of different sizes or colours. Something I would look at and think ‘oh wow, I want to try that right now. I could do xyz with it.’ Something to inspire and excite me to try them.

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