750cc Down Lincoln Highway

750cc Down Lincoln Highway by Barroux

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first, I was confused. This book seemed scattered, abrupt, and non-cohesive.
I decided to keep reading, and am glad I did, because about halfway through I finally got it. The book starts with the author getting dumped by his gf, without understanding the reason. The pictures and text reflect his mood, thoughts and feelings. Starting off on his bike trip, he is confused, hurt, and a bit lost, trying to make sense of getting dumped.
As the trip goes on, he starts to turn his attention outwards, starts noticing scenery, people and sights. At this point, the text gets more descriptive and detailed, reflecting the author processing the end of his relationship and making peace with it.

This book is brilliant. In less than 90 pages it says more than many 400+ paged novels. I felt the authors emotions leap from the pages.
Such a short and deceptively simple work, yet so deep and rich. I’m very glad I was given the opportunity to read and review a free copy provided to me through NetGalley.

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