Hap: The Prize Winning HorseHap: The Prize Winning Horse by Horace Crenshaw Jr.
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It’s a good story, but the writing is not great. There is no real flow. Sentences seem abrupt and disjointed, which felt jarring and kept me from sinking into the story.
I also did not like the anthropomorphizing by the author, like describing a dream the horse Hap had, and the horse being frightened by the dream, as well as a bunch of other thoughts and feelings he supposedly had. It’s fine, if it works with the plot and writing, but in this case it didn’t. The majority of the book reads like a textbook: factual and detached, so the sudden attempts at a fictional writing style, by describing thoughts and feelings of the horse, just don’t seem to fit, and don’t seem believable.

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