It’s easier than you think

by Allyson R Abbott

How To Write a Simple Book Review: It’s easier than you think by Allyson R. Abbott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me start off by saying that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
My review got longer than I expected, so to save you from having to read the whole thing, here’s the nutshell: read this book. It will make you a better person. And give you really practical information on how to become a better reviewer.

To be quite honest, this book is one that is worth buying. I learned some new things, and overall got a better understanding of the meaning and value of reviews. I’ve been reviewing for several years, and have always been thrilled to get free books. What is better than free books? And all I need to do to keep my kindle stocked is to give my opinion? Well….even better, I love giving my opinion, but honestly wasn’t sure anyone wanted to hear it. So I have always felt honoured to be asked to review a book. I feel like I’m the big winner here, because I’m getting free books, which to me has massive value. I didn’t think much about the value of my opinion or review. After reading this book I understand the value Of reviews Much better for both reviewer and for author. It has really opened my eyes to the impact my words can have. I always write honest reviews; fair and constructive, providing reasons why I did or didn’t like a book. But knowing how much my opinion can help an author, I am going to try to step up my efforts a bit, and put as much value into my review as I can. I’m getting free books, and at the same time I get to be a decent human being by being kind and helping other people, for no reason other than that I can. I have something that is easy for me to give (my review), which has huge value for someone else (the author). I’m making the world a better place one review at a time. I feel like getting some mercy made up with the slogan “be kind; write a review”, or how about “make reviews, not war”? Ok, ok, I’m getting a little goofy here. Buy this book. Read this book. And make someone’s day better by writing a constructive and honest review. It’s easy.
Wow. This wasn’t even a self help book, and yet I’m becoming a better person because of reading this book. 😊

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